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Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax: manufacturers, traders or service providers pay to the State by adding this tax amount to the selling price to consumers. For example, when buying goods at the supermarket, the buyer will pay for the purchased goods, the value-added tax is included in the price. Enterprises only pay taxes after deducting the value […]

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Personal Income Tax

Taxpayers directly pay taxes to the State through the form of: Enterprises deduct and pay on behalf of employees working at enterprises, have labor contracts and personal tax (calculated on a progressive basis). The calculation is as follows: Ex: Monthly income: 15,000,000 VND/ month. There is a 12-month contract and social insurance with a basic […]

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License fee

As an annual fee, the amount payable based on charter capital – it is easy to understand that businesses pay taxes based on company signs / business licenses when established. First declaration within 30 days from the date of establishment. – The first payment is within 30 days from the establishment date. – Additional declaration: […]

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Question about invoices in accounting service

These are frequently asked questions when performing business invoice documents in the business that Gtax accounting service can be synthesized, hoping that these questions will contribute to answering some problems: Question 1: What is the invoice issuance notice? When should I issue an invoice release notice? Reply: * In Article 9, Circular 39/2014 guides: Business […]

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Handling problems when implementing VAT and CIT Law

Xử lý vướng mắc khi thực hiện Luật Thuế GTGT, Thuế TNDN

Over 6 months implementing the amended and supplemented tax laws, new regulations on tax incentives have come to life and promoted positive effects on many aspects. However, during the implementation process, some issues need to be considered. In addition to many businesses enjoying higher tax incentives than before, there are also some cases of reduced […]

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Company Income Tax

Apply according to TT 96/2015, review more TT 78/2014 Enterprises directly pay taxes to the State by calculating the following: CIT payable = (Revenue – Cost of goods – Cost) X CIT rate of 20% (from January 1, 2017) Starting from the fourth quarter of 2014, according to 151/2014 / TT-BTC, enterprises do not have […]

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Issues of start-up tax businesses need to know

Startups is a booming trend in Vietnam with hundreds of companies and products are launched to serve the needs of Vietnamese people. However, whether starting a restaurant, a technology company or a shop, it is a business component in the economy in accordance with Vietnamese law. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be obliged to the Vietnamese state […]

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